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Embrace a personalized learning experience with one-on-one sessions, tailored to your unique goals and pace. I can help with your portfolio, technical questions, pitching, pricing and much more.. 


Whether you're a beginner seeking the fundamentals or an experienced photographer looking to refine your craft, my mentorship will provide to the best of my knowledge and understanding and give you the guidance and support you need.


    1-on-1 photography lessons with Stephen. Lessons are tailored to your needs
    • Portfolio review
    • Photo organization & asset management
    • Post processing tools and techniques
    • Photo & website critiques
    • Communication skills and client pitch setup
    • 90 minutes with one on one talk over zoom or in person

    A Captivating Journey - Learn the magic of film photography! 15th-20th March 2024
    • 5 days accommodation
    • Private room in two bedroom suite
    • 4 days with photoshoots, tours and group sessions
    • Models to shoot
    • and much more..

"If you feel stuck, un motivated, 
unsure about your portfolio, how to pitch to clients or just want some guidance, A one on one can be a great place to start". 


I DONT KNOW IF THE TOPIC I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT IS SUITABLE FOR ONLINE SESSION Two choices. 1. Secure a block of lesson time and purchase it right away. Add the details of your topic, and your concerns, in the form during checkout. If I think the topic isn't well suited for online learning, you'll get a full refund. 2. Contact me with your topic, we'll chat, and determine if it's something I think I can effectively teach online.

HOW DO I USE ZOOM/SKYPE? Zoom and Skype are free to download and run on a variety of OS versions (both Windows and Mac). It is very easy to install the client. Do this before our meeting. A short time before our session, I will email a meeting link to you. Click on the link and you’ll join right in.

CAN I GET IN PERSON COACHING? Yes, certainly, I offer in-person lessons in the NYC area. This is a good option if you want advice on using your camera, reading a location and choosing a composition. I recommend at least a 4-hour block of time for an in person lesson.

DO I NEED TO USE THE ENTIRE BLOCK OF TIME AT ONCE? It depends. If you purchased 2 or more hours of lesson time, we can talk about dividing lessons into smaller segments. It will depend on the lesson plan and if the lesson is online or in-person. 1 hour lessons cannot be subdivided.

MY SCHEDULE CHANGE LAST MINUTE. WHAT DO I DO? Hey, life happens. Contact me and we'll work out a new schedule. If the worst happens and we can't reschedule, you'll get a full refund.


WHERE IS THE WORKSHOP BASED? The workshop is based in Tulum, Mexico. This town, found on the Yucatán Peninsula, is not only home to great beaches, but has lush jungles, Mayan ruins, cenotes (caves or sinkholes filled with crystal-clear waters), gorgeous lagoons and upscale nightlife. *AIRPORT DESTINATION: CANCUN INT. AIRPORT.

HOW DO I GET THERE? Flights and airport transfers is easy! I suggest using Momondo or Flightscanner to find the best prices. Airport transfers can be arranged with me.

WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THE WORKSHOPS EACH DAY AND DO WE GET "OFF TIME"? The duration of each day is set to 8 hours. Not inluding travel time to destinations. Expect some days to be filled up. But you will receive a full intinerary before depature. And sure, we will get time to explore on our own some hours of the day.

DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN CAMERA GEAR? Yes, you will need to bring your own camera and if you dont have a film camera we will provide cameras you can borrow. Participants receive a detailed workshop handbook with details on what gear and accesories to bring. Here's a summary: -A camera that is capable of manual mode. Interchangeable lenses are a plus. -A variety of lenses. If you can pack only one, pack your most versatile lens. -A laptop with photo editing software. -An open mind and a can-do attitude!

WHAT POST PROCESSING SOFTWARE DO I NEED? Anything you are comfortable with using. I am well-versed with Lightroom, Capture one, and Luminar and fluent with Apple Photos and Photoshop. If you don't have any post-processing tools, you can find "trial software" online. The post-processing focus in the workshop is to teach you why a photo needs adjusting and what should be adjusted to make your photo stronger. The mechanics of how to do that will vary from tool to tool... and it's usually straightforward to figure out once we know why we want to change something in a photo.

CAN WE ALSO SHOOT IN COLOR? Yes. Absolutely. But the course does focus on B/W photography. But most of the topics you can apply to color photo as well.

WHEN DO I GET TO SEE THE SCHEDULE OF THE WORKSHOP? The schedule will be provided after you book with deposit and sent to your email. In the email you will also find detailed plans, information about Mexico and more..

MY SCHEDULE CHANGE LAST MINUTE. WHAT DO I DO? Hey, life happens. But there is no refunds after 10th of February 2024. The deposit is non refundable. *If there is a medical issue or death of family member I will be as helpful as possible and issue a full refund or transfer to a later workshop.

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