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Photographer and artist Stephen Butkus, in collaboration with artist and curator Nicolai Schaanning Larsen, has spent the fall creating 810 unique portraits. The result is one of the largest portrait exhibitions of all time, showcasing people in relation to the capital city. Unfiltered, untouched, and uncensored. Raw and authentic, just like Oslo.

Commissioned by Clarion Hotel Norge in 2017. 

Set to be one of the biggest portrait collection shot in one time. 

"The goal is to create a unique experience and simultaneously reveal the faces of Oslo like we've never seen them before. Perhaps you'll find yourself? Someone you know? Or someone you've just encountered on the street?" says Stephen Butkus.


The images are just a part of the experience; an impressive installation of approximately 17,000 pictures covers every nook and cranny of the room. It contributes to the sensation of an Oslo filled with people, both familiar and unknown, popping up and rushing by. Pictures can be found on toilet paper and seats, inside the minibar, and absolutely everywhere. You can take the time to study the portraits and savor a truly special hotel room.

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